Love this.

Love this minimalist wonder.

Less of a “deal” than we hoped…

Seemed like a good idea at the time…from one of our favorite websites. A stainless steel wallet would never have to be replaced! Alas…the steel is so tough it wears holes right through jeans!

Time to philanthro-shop!

100% of the proceeds from your purchase today go Japan! Only for a few more hours!

Missing anything?

Be sure to check on a regular basis to see if you have any unclaimed funds. This money can come from a variety of sources – any company that can’t return money to its rightful owner is required to turn it over to the state treasurer. Be sure to check every state you have lived in and any name you’ve used.

Welcome Couponing to Disney readers!

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New baby at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Isn’t she sweet! Born Thursday night, this newborn baby elephant weighs in at just 288 pounds! A name hasn’t been chosen yet.

Disney says that baby and her mom Donna seem to be doing well and she should join the herd at Kilimanjaro Safaris in a few weeks!

New Disney Hotel!

legendaryyears I’m SO glad Disney has decided to do something with the building originally slated to be Pop Century’s “Legendary Years.” Sitting there abandoned, it looked pretty creepy and decidedly un-Disney.

They will be building a new value hotel, mostly suites that can sleep six. It will have four animation themed wings- Cars, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Finding Nemo. The concept is for guests to feel like they are walking into one of the four movies.

Sounds much more kid friendly than the 1900-1940s era decor it was originally supposed to have. I’d LOVE to see what the concept art for that looked like.

The Art of Animation hotel is scheduled to open in 2012.

My shredder misses me…

My paper shredder and I used to have a daily date. As soon as I got home, I got the mail, and started shredding all those stupid credit card applications. I’m not really sure why I felt so compelled to shred them as they weren’t filled in with any personal info, but it made me feel better. It also took a lot of time on our dinky little shredder.

Then my husband and I simply told the credit bureaus we weren’t interested. We added our names to the opt-out list at and presto- less mail, more free time. We’re still free to apply for credit cards if we choose, but THEY have to wait for US to come to THEM.

Kure Beach, North Carolina


I spent what seemed like forever finding the perfect location for a quick visit to the North Carolina shore with my sister and her family. I liked the idea of Okracoke and the outer banks very much, but a five hour drive with her twin two year olds was just too much.

Seeking a shorter drive, I started at Wrightsville Beach and worked my way  south. I stumbled upon the perfect little beach town: Kure Beach, North Carolina. Kure is small and will stay that way; surrounded by state parks and ocean, there’s nowhere for developers to go.

Carolina Beach, the next town over, has a traditional ‘boardwalk’ with carnival rides and a renowned independent donut store, but we mostly stuck with the kid friendly beach in front of our condo. There was even a sea turtle nest roped off directly in front of our condo! Just a pile of sand but still kinda cool to know it was there.We made simple meals (sandwiches, fruit, a frozen pizza) and had a great time swimming and just hanging out with our family. I am sure that my older niece and nephew will never forget walking the beach at night with flashlights, finding shells and seeing sand crabs run across the sand.


Before we left, we took in the Kure Beach Aquarium. Doable in an hour or two, the striking thing about it was how well-designed the exhibits are. Kids (or kids at heart) can really get an up-close and personal view of the animals. This is also the site of a Civil War battle, and I wish we’d allowed more time to explore. If we go again someday, we’ll rent some board games and make it a more relaxed week.

Wanna go? I can’t speak highly enough of Our rental condo was clean and comfortable and the folks were oh-so-friendly. This region has an unusual quirk for rental properties, though; although there are pillows and quilts, sheets are NOT included but can be provided for an extra fee. We brought our own from home and it was no big deal, but something consider when planning your trip.Most rental companies will only rent in one week increments, unless it is less than 14 days before your trip and they happen to have a vacancy. Also consider bringing a canopy tent for shade- There are rental places in Carolina Beach that have them as well.


Where’d I put that thing….

With the nickname of Little Miss Random, I’m sure you are STUNNED that I can get a bit…distracted.

We are a cellphone only household, so if my hubby isn’t home and I misplace mine….I’m in a bit of a pickle. saves me from having to jump online and pray I can find a friend to phone me…and it’s less embarrassing, too.

I just type in my number and it automatically calls me. Provided the phone is turned to ‘silent’ I am back in business!

My hubby is suspicious of their claim not to store phone numbers, but I never get any weird or sales calls, so I’m a big fan!